Your money has updated our Foundation Doctors common room

Your money has updated our Foundation Doctors common room

We are so excited to finally show you the updated Drs Mess at Frimley Park Hospital

Over 40 years ago, the Doctors created their own ‘common room’ fundraising to furnish it and spend time to rest in.  Well 40 years later, working with Capital projects and their own funds to redecorate, the charity could then help with comfortable new furnishings.

They now have table and chairs to eat a meal at, a sofa to relax on and much more to help their wellbeing.

The charity were able to contribute over £2000 from NHS Charities Together and public funding to finish this project.  They even requested artwork!  Within our collection at Frimley Park, they now have  colourful works of art from artists Alexandra Jacobs, Peter Wright and Stephen Ling.

Alexandra’s colourful paintings are based upon cell structures researched at FPH library back in 1997 and were sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

Mess president Dr Josie Hollywood and Dr Theodore Criswell (Junior Doctors Fund Chair), have been a pleasure to work with and they pass on their and their colleagues thanks for your donation to make this project complete.

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