Where your money goes

Where your money goes

Our wonderful staff at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust have been genuinely moved by the countless offers of support and goodwill shown by the local community during the last weeks.

We want to say a huge thank you for every contribution – from all of the practical support and kind gifts, to the generous donations to our Covid-19 fund.

The Fund was set up in response to the outpouring of generosity from the communities we serve. Every donation will be used to support the work of our incredible staff and really does make a difference – whether it’s providing equipment for our hospitals or supporting the emotional wellbeing of staff in the future.

The Covid-19 Fund currently stands at an amazing £173,923.40 and during the coming months it will support a range of initiatives across the Trust. In the last few weeks alone, donations have already been allocated for:

  • The expansion of a Mental Health First Aid project to provide support to our staff at this difficult time
  • The purchase of multiple android tablets to help our Covid-19 patients stay in contact with loved ones during isolation
  • Magnifying glasses to help staff in ITU who usually wear reading glasses but have been unable to due to their PPE visors
  • Sensory accessories and lighting for ‘Wellbeing Hubs’ across our sites so staff have space and time for reflection.  So important and really successful
  • Furnishings for staff break rooms and garden makeovers to improve indoor/outdoor relaxation areas

We will keep you updated on further news regarding the Covid-19 Fund and in the meantime we want to say thank you again from the entire team at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust.

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