New Stroke Unit build is underway thanks to Frimley Health Charity’s fundraising

New Stroke Unit build is underway thanks to Frimley Health Charity’s fundraising

Thanks a million! That’s the message from Frimley Health Charity after it hit its £1.1m target to create one of the best stroke units in the country at Frimley Park Hospital.

The new unit will include more space for assessments and therapies and a special landscaped outdoor area for patients and their families away from the acute ward. The current stroke service looks after more than 100 people every month, and it is hoped the bigger and better unit will become a national centre of excellence for stroke care.

Now Frimley Health Charity is thanking everyone who contributed so generously to its Stroke Appeal, either through direct donations or by taking part in one of its fundraising events.

Charity director Andrew House said: ‘We are so thankful to our supporters for helping us reach our appeal target. Hitting this target has meant we as a charity are able to work with the Trust to create a bigger unit, allowing Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust to lead the way in stroke care.’

The additional rooms created during the expansion project will be used flexibly for care such as cognitive assessments and speech or group therapy, or as quiet space for patients and their families.

Judith Moss, physiotherapy team leader for the Frimley Park Stroke Unit, said: “I am most looking forward to having some stimulating and easily accessible outside space for our patients. So often they are striving for fresh air and it makes such a difference to their well-being.”

Karen Mansfield, matron for the Stroke Unit, said the new unit will allow Frimley Park to “provide holistic care to aid the rehabilitation and early discharge for our patients who have suffered from a stroke”.

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