Medina Dairy has delivered over 3750 loaves of bread!

Medina Dairy has delivered over 3750 loaves of bread!

Today at Wexham Park Hospital, we were delighted to receive the final delivery of bread from the Medina Dairy in Slough

The company have been consistently delivering a generous 150 loaves of bread for the last 5 months totalling around 3750 loaves!

The fantastic donation had been ‘Crowd Funded’ by the local community and has been an amazing help to our staff, especially over at the Eden Day unit which is relocated to Windsor as the staff there continue to shield their oncology patients.

Michele Martin, the Complementary Therapist on Eden Ward at Princess Margaret, regulary received trays from The Diary.

Michele said:

“Staff said it meant they didn’t have to go to the store just for bread and milk. They felt appreciated and also enjoyed making bread and butter puddings as a treat for their families!”

Thank you Medina Dairy.  Your support has been truly wonderful and we can’t thank you enough for your kindness and generosity


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