Lady luck brings her good fortune to Ascot

Lady luck brings her good fortune to Ascot

They say lightening doesn’t strike twice, but it would appear that Lady Luck can – and she does

Local resident Mrs Smith, who lives near Heatherwood Hospital, signed up to play two lines on our weekly lottery back in March during a visit to Frimley Park. Prizes are won via a simple number match of between 3 and 6 digits.

On finding out the news that she had matched 5 numbers to win a £1,000 prize in August, Mrs Smith was delighted.

Imagine the wonderful surprise for Mrs Smith, and the amazement of our Lottery and Fundraising Officer, on discovering that only eight weeks later, Lady Luck had struck again, and Mrs Smith had scooped a second £1,000 prize!!

Kirsty North, Lottery and Fundraising Officer for the charity, had the joy of calling to share news of the second time win. “It’s always such a lovely way to start the week when I can call our £1,000 or £10,000 winners to let them know of their good fortune. I had to double check I was reading the correct details when I saw Mrs Smith had won again! Whilst we have regular winners of the smaller prizes, until now, this hadn’t happened on a large prize win.”

During the call Mrs Smith expressed that she was “most surprised to be a winner again, and so grateful as this win comes at just the right time”.

Since launch, we have had 41 winners matching 5 numbers to secure a £1,000 prize, plus 2 lucky £10,000 prize winners, following a 6-number match. In addition to these large prizes, hundreds of players have won a smaller prize of £25 and £5.

In the two years since launch, our charity lottery has raised funds for our Stroke Appeal, Breast Cancer Research and our Covid-19 response as well as other, smaller projects.

Looking ahead to 2021, we will be supporting our recently launched Dementia Appeal alongside many other projects to improve the lives of staff and patients around the Trust.

For more information on our lottery, please visit:

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