Jo run paris to versailles to raise funds for our parapet centre

Jo run paris to versailles to raise funds for our parapet centre

Last month, this amazing lady run from Paris to Versailles in 1 hour, 26 minutes and 50 seconds!

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A’ year or so ago, I would struggle to run 5km. I would stop whenever I could, (to change my music, re-tie my shoelaces, whatever I could think of just to stop).

At the time I chose to share this, but earlier this year I found a lump on the side of my breast. Whilst I was swiftly being scanned and tested, putting on a brave face, I can’t deny that (thankfully short) period was unbelievably overwhelming and daunting.  Within 12 hours of seeing my GP, I was referred, booked in, and everything was taken care of for me. The nurses and consultant I saw had everything laid out for me, from the moment I walked into the Parapet Centre in Windsor, and moved me seamlessly from examination room to examination room, chatting and laughing with me throughout. And to me, that made such a huge difference’.

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Feeling inspired….support your local hospital today!  The world is your oyster…or keep it local!

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