Husband and wife raise £2000!

Husband and wife raise £2000!

It all started with Mary shaving her hair off

At the start of May, Mary Gillespie had her head shaved on a Saturday morning to raise funds for Frimley Health Charity.

Setting up a Facebook fundraising page, over 30 people made a direct donation via her and husband’s page raising over £300.

That wasn’t enough!!

Mary and John wanted to raise more; starting another fundraising campaign selling bedding plants from their house.

Mary said:

“My husband runs a small indoor plantcare and corporate gardening business (Heathlands Plantcare).  A large hotel in Middlesex was unable to afford £6000 worth of bedding plants that have been specially grown for them at a small independent nursery in Ottershaw.  All the hotel staff had been furloughed including the groundsmen except for one and he has the unenviable job of trying to maintain 30 acres on his own.  We sold the plants from our property in Camberley and all the profits donated to FHC”.

Mary felt so passionate about showing her support to her local NHS hospital.

“I spent a few hours in Frimley Park Hospital in January having an operation on my foot and in 2019 I received amazing treatment in the ED for a particularly nasty migraine that I had for a week. My older brother spent three weeks in Frimley several years being treated for meningitis and he said his care was exemplary and he enjoyed the food!  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a wonderful hospital on our doorstep”.

A few days into their new campaign, they had raised over £500 from the bedding plant sale.  Then they SOLD OUT!

Today we welcomed them to Frimley Park and with a kind last minute cash donation, they had finally raised £2000!

They were so supportive of our work and we talked about up and coming projects that their money will help fund.

Thank you Mary and John, wonderful kind people.

You can use any way that works for you to become a fundraiser.

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