Charity fun day raised over £4k!

Charity fun day raised over £4k!

Fantastic news for Frimley Parks Neonatal Unit!

Wonderful volunteers, Kirsty and Louise who created and worked hard for the Charity Fun day on Sunday at Warbrook House are pleased to report the final count raised on was £4,062.

Louise said: “A healthy sum of money that will make a big difference to our local Neonatal unit. The Frimley Park team have shared plans of some improvements to their family room and once the work is complete we will be sure to share an update. Thank you all again for your support.

The ward is raising funds to refurbish our parent rooms at Frimley Park’s Neonatal Unit.

Giving parents a relaxing and welcoming environment so that they can have a space of much needed comfort, whilst remaining close to their child.

You can still donate!

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