Beautiful art piece unveiled at Heatherwood

Beautiful art piece unveiled at Heatherwood

We are delighted to have unveiled our new sculptures at Heatherwood hospital dedicated to the 1966 Chapel of St Luke from the original hospital site.

This project which has been 2 years in the making, was to repurpose the original stained glass from the old Heatherwood hospital site.

Working with Joe Szabo, an incredibly talented glass artist, he was able to really give creativity to the new piece of art that holds so much history.

The piece at the front of the new hospital was designed to be reminiscent of the old chapel spire and building. The other piece, that flows across the reflection window delivers powerful colour and design in the new hospital site.

Staff who attended the unveiling, where blown away by the pieces.  “Truly beautiful and I am lost for words. Such a poignant piece of work that is important to our history at Heatherwood, thank you.” Marianna Vlahovic, Acting Head of Nursing for Heatherwood Hospital.

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