Teresa Ball Legacy

Teresa Ball was a patient at the Parapet Clinic in King Edward VII Hospital in Windsor for over 20 years after being diagnosed with breast cancer in her 50s.

After beating cancer the first time, she unfortunately found her breast cancer returning 10 years ago and this time it was confirmed as incurable. Teresa knew her treatment would be about balancing her life expectancy with her life quality. It was together with her Consultant Dr Thanvi that they came up with a bespoke approach after her diagnosis which meant she was able to live a much longer, healthier life, feeling well and fit for far longer than expected. After fighting cancer bravely and courageously for so long, Teresa sadly died in November 2021.

Wanting to recognise the outstanding care she had received from Dr Thanvi and his team at the Parapet Clinic and on Eden Ward at Wexham Park Hospital where she received her treatment for cancer, Teresa made a gift in her will to both areas of the Trust.

Her close friend Karyn said, “I accompanied Teresa on all her main hospital visits and I know that she was incredibly grateful for the extra years that she got thanks to her care at the Parapet Clinic and on Eden Ward. Everyone we encountered were so kind to us both. I always felt like a truly valued part of Teresa’s team and the staff went above and beyond often exceeding our expectations. I hope her gift can leave a legacy of gratitude but also inspires others to consider a gift to cancer services. Teresa knew that her local hospital enabled her to do so much more. Teresa was born in Poland and came to England in the 70s.  Teresa was a hairdresser which she continued to do her whole life.  She was very proud of her home and particularly her garden.  She valued spending time with her friends and enjoyed shopping which always included a coffee at Costa.  She was incredibly generous, kind and thoughtful and often did random acts of kindness, even for people she had never met.”

Fittingly, Teresa’s gift has enabled Eden Ward in Wexham Park Hospital to provide cooling cap treatment during chemotherapy sessions for patients concerned by hair loss. Together, the charity and her executor felt that a hairdresser who’d used the cancer services so extensively over the years, would find it an appropriate way to spend her kind gift

At the Parapet, Teresa’s gift will improve diagnostic rooms and holistic services for those patients affected by breast cancer.

Did you know that you are able to make a gift to a department of your choosing in your will? Legacy gifts can be as personalised as your care experience. Email Kathryn Moore, Philanthropy Manager to find out more: Kathryn.moore25@nhs.net

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