75 for 75 – Do Your Own Fundraising

Your Event. Our Support.

We’re asking you to help us celebrate 75 years of the NHS by doing 75 things for your local NHS hospital this July. Those taking part are asked to walk, run, swim or cycle (or a combination) the distance of 75 km across the month of July. If you would rather do something less energetic, why not commit to 75 acts of kindness around your community or simply picking up 75 pieces of litter! The choice is yours.

It would be great if you could raise at least £75.00 whilst doing any of these activities for your local NHS hospital and please do reach out to us for any advice or support. You can email us at fhft.fundraising@nhs.net or calling 0300 6153206.

Whether you want to hold a charity bake sale, plan a party or join one of our fundraising events, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to make your day fab and full of fun. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to raising money for a great cause. We know that some people want to do their own thing, and we’re lucky that people organise all sorts of wonderful events to support Frimley Health Charity.

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