Pirbright Doko Challenge

Pirbright Doko Challenge

Army Training Centre team are doing a 5 K challenge event for Frimley Health Charity because ‘NHS saved many lives during COVID-19 pandemic’

(But also carrying a large basket weighing 20kg with a strap supported by the forehead)!

23rd July

From 7am

Read their story:

“20 members of permanent staff from Army Training Centre (ATC) Pirbright are running a 5K Gurkha Doko Challenge (carrying a large basket weighing 20kg with a strap supported by the forehead) to raise money for the Frimley Health Charity to support our local NHS trust. In the fight against this pandemic (COVID-19) we have all witnessed our NHS Staff providing 24/7 care and support to thousands of people and putting their own lives at risk.

It is also a great opportunity for us to engage with our local NHS trust. They also provide care and support to our military personnel, including families, when needed. We also have our military medical staff working alongside NHS colleagues to deliver care to patients and their families.

For their incredible effort in all they’ve done, we want to express our gratitude to the amazing NHS staff by challenging ourselves whilst raising as much money as possible for the Frimley Health Charity, which unparalleled support to our local NHS trust.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you”.

Team 3 Star

– Lt. Hoccom (PO)

– Cpl Gurung (OIC)

– Cpl Sunuwar (2IC)

Sponsor them today:

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