Thank you Berkshire Community Foundation from the teams at Wexham Park Hospital

Thank you Berkshire Community Foundation from the teams at Wexham Park Hospital

Berkshire Community Foundation contributes to Wellbeing at Wexham Park Hospital

Over £800 worth of wellbeing items have been greatly received from Berkshire Community Foundation at Wexham Park Hospital.

SPECIAL ‘Wellbeing rooms’ have been created for staff during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. These spaces were designed to create a place for staff to distract, relax, have a moment of peace and rejuvenate during their breaks.

The rooms – which were stocked with your funded wellbeing items such as therapy games, puzzle books, and therapeutic colouring, along with generous donated items such as drinks, snacks and hand creams –enable NHS staff, facing unprecedented demands, to take a break and seek support if needed.

All the rooms also have information about how to access further support, including counselling and psychological help.

Our vision is to continue to develop the support our teams need – and those that are still facing difficult challenges at work as well as in personal and family circumstances. The idea of the wellbeing rooms was recognition that sometimes ‘it’s ok not to be ok’ and a safe place to have some time out was really important.  This is developing in to many other projects to really go give as much support as we can to everyone at Frimley Health.

Your donation really mattered at such an important time, thank you all at Berkshire Community Foundation for your support.


You can donate too…click here to make a difference today:

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