Kjell “I am a stroke survivor”

Kjell “I am a stroke survivor”

Stroke Appeal

Our vision as a team is to provide a centre of excellence with the aim of becoming a national flagship service for stroke.

Last year we had over 1400 stroke patients at Frimley Park Hospital.


Read Kjell’s story:

“I am a stroke survivor, it happened to me over a year ago. It was unexpected, especially since, following weight loss surgery, I was starting to rediscover a love of life and travelling.

My stroke consultant did not give me much hope, he said best case scenario for me is severely disabled for the rest of my life. But that did not stop me: from tube feeding and unable to even hold my head up, I am now hopeful to be able to walk again.

I want to go travelling, yes I won’t be able to climb mountains (I enjoy a city-break more than nature anyway) but I can still do things I enjoy. My wife tells me, one of the first things I said when I heard the ‘severely disabled’ diagnosis, I asked if this means I get priority when boarding a plane!

I look ahead, I am a fighter”.


You are a fighter Kjell, and you and your wife continue to support our hospital.  Andreea donated some lovely paint by number canvas for out Project Wingman café to give a little something back.  These are truly lovely and have been seen by many staff having well deserved breaks.

Support us today to reach our target.


Your donations will help support patients on their long road to recovery through a new build, investment in new technologies and equipment.  We only have £60K to go to get to our £1.1M target.

We are relying on your support to change the lives of people at Frimley Park Hospital affected by stroke.  We will also be able to give a well-deserved staff room to our nurses who currently do not have one.

Please help us to make a difference today to others like Kjell and our nurses.

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