Trainee casting practitioner comes second in staff photo exhibition

Trainee casting practitioner comes second in staff photo exhibition

We had a lovely feedback from one of the winners at the Staff Photography competition.


Rebecca Kenton, A trainee casting practitioner at Frimley Park Hospital submitted the sunset.


” I took a picture of this most incredible sunset. Red Sky at Night Brings Joy of a sunny day thereafter. The most amazing thing I love about this picture is that It needed no filter to capture the beauty of the colours and the cloud formation. This is on Southborne beach in Dorset, it’s home from home for myself and family with a bungalow just across the road. I’ve yet to see another spectacular sunset as this”


Rebecca Kenton, A trainee casting practitioner

Rebecca went on to say;
“What a fantastic evening, I really feel very privileged to have my picture on display and I was very surprised and equally elated at coming 2nd in the competition. What a fantastic idea and wonderful way to pay respects and remember Mohan. I initially entered the competition as I wanted to support the department in memory of their much loved and respected work colleague.
Having worked myself as a HCA in the ENT department for many years I became very close to all the amazing doctors and nurses there. It’s a department I hold very close to my heart and the best team. I worked alongside Mohan quite often he was a true gentleman and professional. I love taking photographs and capturing unique moments on camera and so to know this was also a passion of his makes the sentiment behind this much more special. The winning picture was well deserved and clearly captures the theme of joy. Jumping for joy and what a wonderful way for this to be presented.
Thank you again for putting together this amazing competition.
Kind regards Rebecca Kenton

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