Vision and mission

Your support helps to save and improve lives at your local hospital

The work of Frimley Health Charity enhances the physical environment of the hospitals for patients, staff and visitors. The charity’s goal is to provide equipment and services that go beyond the NHS budget for patients, staff and visitors.

Whether it’s treatment for an emergency, acute condition, pregnancy or long term illness, we believe that every patient deserves the highest quality of care available.

Thanks to the immensely generous support of our donors, Frimley Health Charity can provide a level of patient care beyond that which can be delivered by NHS funding alone and make projects happen sooner or to a greater degree than might have otherwise been possible.

From specialist services to pioneering research, your incredible support genuinely enhances the healthcare, experiences and outcomes for thousands of patients every year that would not otherwise be possible

Here are some of the ways we help:

Investing in specialist equipment

Your support enables us to invest and fund state-of-the-art specialist medical equipment that would otherwise be unavailable, ensuring that our patients have access to life-saving diagnostics and treatment. By diagnosing and treating more complex problems at your local hospital you are helping to keep families closer to home at an incredibly difficult time.

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We aim to give the best environment for care and recovery

Thanks to your support we are improving the hospital environment and creating spaces more welcoming and comfortable for everyone. This is why we maintain our ward areas and hospital gardens like the Time Garden for terminally ill patients to spend time with loved ones.

Arts & Creative Health

Patient and family support

We provide the extras that help to make time in hospital more comfortable for patients and their families. Services like complementary massages to help terminally patients feel more relaxed or funding a Quality Improvement Nurse to guide the implementation of excellence in care and help to drive change alongside the clinicians working with sick and/or premature babies.

How money is used

Helping staff provide the best possible care

Support our Major Appeal
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