Honouring the true significance of organ donation by Burnham Grammar School


Three students from Burnham Grammar School, have designed and created their own piece of artwork to celebrate and give thanks to those who have donated organs and saved the lives of others at Wexham Park Hospital, Slough.


The idea of commissioning a memorial for organ donation was initiated by the Trust’s Organ Donation Committee starting with last year’s collaboration with Farnborough 6th Form College.

The memorial artwork was installed at Frimley Park Hospital and has been admired every day since. This year saw the project expanded to Wexham Park Hospital and a relationship with Burnham Grammar School, who were extremely keen to take this, not only to the creative students but to the whole school, as an awareness exercise as part of their curriculum.  So all students and teachers can discuss the importance of organ donation.


‘Pureness of the Heart’ by Kristian

‘Wish and a Hope’ by Ollie

‘Ripples’ by Natasha

Mrs Garner, the art tutor said:

“I found the project exciting and was very proud both personally and as a head of department, to be part of something so important. They really started to respond when the head of organ donation came in and they began to see it no longer as a project, but a real live brief”.

The memorial artwork honours the true significance of organ donation.  The pieces created show how fragile life can be and how life can be given as a selfless gift to another.  The students’ ideas for their pieces came following a presentation by the organ donation team.


“Excellent project with such an enthusiastic school.  Within the art department, organ donation was discussed and talked about including visits from organ nurses and ITU consultant Leigh Ferris and Tiina Tamm.  A number of regular visits and working with the tutor guiding the design and quality of the work, resulted in a high standard to represent the families that have been effected by organ donation.  The rest of the school went on to become aware of organ donation too – through assemblies, the school and the charity’s social media plus a general public vote at the school to vote for their favourite piece and if it made them want to become a donor’, said Emma Carr, Arts and Creative Health Manager.

One of the students Natasha Carter and the designer of ‘Ripples’ said:

“The organ donation project gave me a sense of achievement at being able to create an art piece that means a lot to all of the people involved. The fact that it will spread awareness and hopefully change lives means a great deal to me, I am honoured to have been a part of this.”

A truly heart-warming project that showed so much talent and increasing confidence from the students.  We celebrated the opening with well desreved home made cakes from the staff and joined by Ana Coelho, Critical Care Matron.

On behalf of staff and families, we would like to say thank you to all involved and wish you all the best in future studies and your support with organ donation.

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