Colouring Book designed by Farnborough College of Technology:


Frimley Health Arts and Farnborough College of Technology have created a second edition and bigger 18 page booklet.



Once inspired by a matron asking for colouring books, the Arts Manager, Emma Carr approached Farnborough College of Technology with a brief to design linear studies for patients and staff to colour in.

After presentations and consultations earlier this year with a new year group, 20 wonderful designs were submitted and a book was published by Frimley Health Charity in May.

Funded and produced by Frimley Health Charity 2020
Students from Farnborough College of Technology:

Neeve Galvin

Rafael Gomes

Chloe Daborn

Molly Grant

Yazmine Mills

Shannon Maxfield

Terme Moharrer

Astyn Williams

Kacey Nicholls

Hannah Morancie

Amy Turner

Niamh Fry


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