Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

From small businesses to multi-nationals, corporate partnerships offer wonderful opportunities to engage staff in fundraising activities, increase brand awareness or perhaps develop commercial opportunities or one-off events. Whatever you’d like to achieve, we’ll work closely alongside your teams to develop a mutually-beneficial partnership to help the hospital provide world-class care to hundreds of seriously ill people every day.

Building a partnership with Frimley Health Charity is a wonderful opportunity not only to make a significant difference to the care offered to people treated at our Hospitals, but also to show the public the sort of company you are while bringing your employees together.

  • Support the community: many of your staff, clients and other stakeholders are likely to have had some contact with the hospitals within our network. Show your support for all the individuals linked to your company – and beyond.
  • Bring your staff together: teaming up for fundraising events is a chance for your employees to come together for a popular cause, boosting morale and encouraging unity within your organisation.
  • Make a real difference: our work directly enhances the care and well being of patients across the our Hospital network. By contributing, you will be going beyond your day-to-day business to support the individuals most in need.

We need your passion, enthusiasm and commitment in our community. You can make a difference to sick and vulnerable people at your local hospital if you:


Choose us as your charity of the year

By making a big statement and committing to long-term support you can make a huge impact for local patients. We can do everything below and more to engage with your staff and customers.

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Take part in one of our many events

Company teams make up a big part of our events and we always publicise those who get involved.

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Volunteer your expertise

Do you work with web developers, accountants, statisticians, bakers, artists or clowns? Chances are we can find some way for you get involved in our work and help the charity to grow.

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Sponsor an event

Get exposure for your brand. We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available and would love to discuss the options for aligning your brand with our work. We are in touch with 50,000+ people in the local community every year to promote our main appeals and events.

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Contact us to discuss how we can work together.

For more information about corporate partnerships and sponsorship, please call 01276 604642 or email

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